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Product News: Power – when you need it: The new basic ejector SBPL

Our Solution for Quick and Safe Handling of Challenging Workpieces

The new basic ejector SBPL is the strongest product of our ejector range. This vacuum generator has been designed for maximum efficiency. This way the SBPL can unfold its performance more effectively and more powerful – right when you need it. When operating between -200 and -600 mbar the SBPL´s suction rate is almost twice that of its predecessor. This cuts evacuation times and thus minimizes cycle times. Additionaly our engineers have put their focus on weight reduction, resulting in a decrease of up to 50%. Innovative product design makes maintenance considerably easier. Eco nozzle technology makes the SBPL more versatile in application, which creates more freedom in system design.

Highlight Video of the Basic Ejector SBPL

Basic Ejectors SBPL on our international website

Press release: Schmalz introduces new SBPL basic ejector for short cycle times

Vacuum Components and Gripping Systems for Automated Processes

For automated processes Schmalz offers single vacuum components but also complete gripping systems. Vacuum components range from suction pads, vacuum generations and mounting elements to special grippers, valves and switches. Herewith Schmalz offers all necessary components to design indivudiual vacuum systems to be used e.g. on robots.
Vacuum gripping systems are ready-to install solutions being used as end of arm toolings in robot applications. Area gripping systems and layer grippers are used for automated palletizing tasks, order picking and sorting workpieces. Suction spiders are mainly attached to industrial robots or used in presses or binding centers.

Vacuum Clamping Systems for Clamping Tasks

Vacuum clamping systems offer short set-up times and make the all-round machining of workpieces possible in CNC machining centers as well as in manual processes. Using the Innospann series existing CNC machining centers can easily be modernized. The Schmalz Matrix-Plate is the solution for clamping metal or plastic parts precisely. The clamping system Multi-Clamp is ideal in the workshop and on construction sites.

Vacuum Lifters in Manual Processes

Manually operated vacuum handling systems simplify production processes by facilitating the handling of workpieces. With vacuum tube lifters loads up to 300 kg can be lifted. Thereby both, the gripping and lifting process are realized by using vacuum. Lifting devices handle workpieces weighing up to several tons. The gripping process is realized using vacuum, the load is lifting by a chain hoist.
This lifting equipment match perfectly to the aluminum crane systems and slewing cranes offered by Schmalz.
Thanks to the modular design, the vacuum tube lifters and lifting devices can be customized to individual applications.

Vacuum Technology in Action on the Schmalz Media Center

Schmalz Media Center with application videos of vacuum systems for automated and manual processes as well as clamping tasks

You can find videos for various industries demonstrating applications of our products in the Schmalz Media Center. Find out how complete systems are actually used and how they optimize process flows.

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Schmalz introduces new SBPL basic ejector for short cycle times

The basic ejector SBPL
The vacuum specialist Schmalz is extending its range of vacuum generators with very high suction rates with the launch of the new basic ejector SBPL (Schmalz Basic Pump Large). It is particularly well suited for safe handling of various workpieces and enables short cycle times.

Schmalz vacuum blocks for CNC woodworking machines from Biesse: The innovative alternative

Schmalz offers cost-effective alternatives to Biesse vacuum blocks
The Dittus carpentry workshop manufactures high-quality wood shop fittings and interior furnishings. To meet its customers exacting demands for quality and delivery times, the company uses a 5-axis CNC woodworking machine from the Italian manufacturer Biesse, with vacuum blocks serving as the clamping solution. But instead of the factory-fitted vacuum blocks, Dittus employs an alternative product from the vacuum specialist Schmalz: The Schmalz blocks are extremely durable, with a modular design and convincing price-performance ratio. Workpieces of varying dimensions are clamped securely and...

Schmalz Offers Cost-Effective Alternative to Original Replacement Vacuum Blocks

VCBL-B vacuum blocks as cost-effective alternative to the original Biesse suction pads.
Schmalz has developed new vacuum blocks for use with the CNC wood machining tools manufactured by the Italian company Biesse. The vacuum blocks represent a genuine alternative to original replacement vacuum blocks for a number of reasons: Not only are they extremely robust and able to hold the workpiece securely in the correct position, they also offer excellent value for money.